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Nashijii Crest Jintachi warlord sword

by Sekiryu. 100% Handcrafted in Seki, Gifu pref, Japan.

US$754.00 Plus International Shipping
Shipping: US$66 for Europe/North America, $118 for South America
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This beautiful Iaito sword is handcrafted by skillful artisans, modeled after the heritage warlord sword called Jintach. This sword is constructed by hand, using authentic materials and method. This sword is intended for only display or as an accessory being worn with samurai armor. A number of traditional Japanese family crests can be added to your scabbard for free. You can choose your favorite samurai crest from our list.


Overall Length:
103cm (40 1/2")
Weight (w/o Scabbard):
Blade Length Available:
2.45 saku (74cm)
Blade Material:
Extra Reinforced Zinc-Tin-Lead alloy
Saya Scabbard:
Brown Glossy Lacquered Magnolia wood
Braid Lacings:
Jintachi Sword Bag w/ tassels

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Product Information
Item#:JTS1 - Nashijii Crest Jintachi warlord sword
Price: US$754.00
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Family Crest
Please specify the crest you would like to add on your sword from the Crest List

Accessories (optional)
Wooden Vertical Stand (+$74)
Wooden stand (+$59)
Extra standard bag (+$7)
Deluxe Sword Bag (+$43)

More Recommended Accessories (optional)
Shirizaya Scabbard Cover

SHIRIZAYA Scabbard Cover

Made out of genuine Yak Fur

Shirizaya 1 Shirizaya #1 (+$620)
Shirizaya 2 Shirizaya #2 (+$600)

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