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Meeting Service

We are happy to announce that we offer "Business Meeting Service" in Kashiwa City, Chiba prefecture, known as the "Bujinkan's dormitory city". Samurai Store's samurai armor experts will go to Kashiwa city and have a meeting with any customers who are interested in samurai armors.

The venue will be one of the shared co-working spaces or sword stores in Kashiwa/Noda city, and it will be determined depending on your request.

Kashiwa, Chiba
Meeting Lounge
For Bujinkan

18:00-22:00 Wednesday and Friday

English / Japanese


*Printed Catalogue
*Sales Negotiation
*English-speaking Sales Reps
Appointment Required for above services!
(Book Your Visit)

Sorry, Walk-ins are not allowed.
Appointment required for all visitors as the venue will be determined after the appointment confirmed.

You can also contact us at info@samurai-store.com to book your visit.

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