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Reviewer: Mr. George K (NY, USA)
Item: Date Masamune

The kacchuu armor arrived safely and I am delighted. It is far more elegant and beautiful than I would have imaged from the web pictures!!! I am extremely impressed by the heaviness of the materials and the lacquer finish. The mikkazuki maedate is exquisite in its construction and magnificent gold leaf. The kamon on the oroibitsu is painstakingly done. Bravo!!!

Reviewer: Ricardo Pardo (Spain)
Item: #L027 Yamamoto Kansuke's suit of armor

A very magnificent work!"

Reviewer: Mr. Ove Z (Netherlands)
Item: #L032 w/ custom sizing

I've purchased the L032 yoroi because I`m a samurai- fan and a aikidoka and iaidoka as well. My livingroom is decoraded in Japanese style with kakejiku (scroll) and a tokonama (alcove). The one thing that was still missing was a yoroi.It is a true masterpice and an eye-catcher that completed my livingroom. My yoroi is costum-made to my own measures, so I can wear the yoroi with a demonstration off iaido.

Reviewer: Mr. Paul Vandermaelen (Belgium)
Item: L049 Red Lacquered Okegawa Suit of Samurai Armor

We appreciate Paul Vandermaelen for sending the amazing pictures of L049 armor

Reviewer: Mr. Warren T (AZ, USA)
Item: #L012 w/ custom sizing

The Armor arrived in good time, was perfect aside from the Kamon being slightly off from what I ordered. It was made to size and fits perfectly. Mr Tosh was a real pleasure to deal with, and kept in constant contact with me during the entire process. He also special ordered a few items for me which were also made of very good quality materials. I would recommend the Samurai Store to anyone looking for a Yoroi.

Reviewer: Mr. Mel Harrington (CA, USA)
Item: #L037 Konito-Odoshi Kuronimaido Suit of Samurai Armor & Helmet

What a magnificent piece of historical art. I display both of my armor in my living room to impress my guests. They are in awe at the first sight of the display, what a powerful image. I would recommend to anyone who entertains in the business world to purchase one of these beutiful works of art.

Reviewer: Mr. Samuel Gusto (CA, USA)
Item:#L033 Onyx Black Okegawa Suit of Samurai Armor & Helmet

am very happy with the armor. Samurai Store was very helpful with my order. Thank you!

Reviewer: Mr. Ronnie Colwell (U.K)

Item:#L033 w/ crest

Now is a great opportunity for anyone who has an interest in the culture of Japan to have a piece of artwork of there own, the workmanship is beyond belief, and the quality is superb, I for one am going to add to mine, Tosh also managed to have a fabulous noren especialy made for me, it looks stunning, After a lifetime involved in the Culture of Japan I can completly recoment Tosh

Reviewer: Mr. James Linares (CT, USA)
Item:#L005 Striped Nimaido Suit of Samurai Armor

Beautiful suit of armor. Tosh was very helpful through the whole buying and customizing process. My uncle and I actually bought two suits from Samurai-Store.com and are very happy with both. Thanks again.

Reviewer: Mr. Wayne Hallewell (U.K)
Item:#L005 Striped Nimaido Suit of Samurai Armor

Purchased the armor for my fancy dress wedding and was i impressed. Tosh was great and very helpful. The armor arrived in great condition(all the way to good old blighty no less)and fits like a glove. Tosh,that a good-un thee(as they say in yorkshire speak)

Reviewer: Mr. Seann Hamer (Alberta, Canada)
Item: #L048 Zunari Okegawa Suit of Samurai Armor & Helmet

Everything I recieved was incredible, all aspects of the armor are of the highest quality.

Reviewer: Mr. Jose Torres (NY, USA)
Item: #L033 w/ custom sizing and colors

The Samurai Store has sent me more than just a suit of armour- they've sent me a masterpiece. The craftsmanship is spectacular and masterfully built to my specifications. The mon on the box and header are perfect! Tosh Kirita is an excellent communicator and really does everything possible to ensure your satisfaction. He truly is the best! This yoroi inspires both a sense of awe and beauty- the true essence of Samurai! Thanks again for everything!

Reviewer: Mr. Daniel P Gwee (Singapore)
Item: #L033 Onyx Black Okegawa Suit of Samurai Armor & Helmet

I was simply delighted by the close fit despite not being custome made; amazed by its relative light weight; thrilled by the superb lacquer finishing and held in highest respect the exquisite craftmanship! In short, it exceeded my expectations by miles.

Reviewer: Mr. Andre C (Germany)
Item: #L048,
Custom Made Black painting/green braids w/ Optional Header board

I am very pleased with Samurai Store. The Custom Yoroi was exactly what I ordered. I would highly recommend them.

Reviewer: Mr. Gregg Walko (OH, USA)
Item: Special Order

As you can see from the pictures, this armor really looks great. I had a custom mon put on the armor, and Tosh really did a great job on it. I strongly recommend anyone wishing to purchase authentic Japanese armor to talk to Tosh! I actually visited Tosh in Shibua, Tokyo, and he and his wife were so helpful to me. Thank you Tosh!

Reviewer: Mr. Galea (Malta)
Item:L033 Onyx Black Okegawa Suit of Samurai Armor & Helmet

Mr. Galea provided the wonderful picturers for his armor displayed at the auto show held in Malta.Thank you!

Reviewer: Mr. Daniel Simpson (OH, USA)
Item:#L005 Striped Nimaido Suit of Samurai Armor

An amazing piece of craftmanship. Unique in every way with painstaking detail. Extreme attention to every part of th yoroi.Tosh was ever so helpful during the process. I strongly recommend samurai-store. Tosh was ever so helpful during the process.

Reviewer: Mr. Glauco B (Italy)
Item: #L049 Red Lacquered Okegawa Suit of Samurai Armor

Thank you for shipping on time, the manifestation of Martial Arts in
Rome has gone very well and your armour has had big sucess!

Reviewer: Mr. Tim Hostetler (CA, USA)
Item: #L005 Striped Nimaido Suit of Samurai Armor

I bought my armor quite a while ago, but my girlfriend and I just now dressed up for Halloween 2006. I am very pleased with my armor, it is truly the envy of all who see it on display in my home. I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Reviewer: Mr. Darth R (CA, USA)
Item: #L033 basic black painting and blue braid armor w/ custom sizing.

Great service, great armor!!!

Web site: www.fuguvillage.org

Reviewer: Mr. Oleg A(Moscow, Russia)
Item:#L011 Murasaki Munatori Okegawa Suit of Samurai Armor & Helmet

I've purchased Armor #L011 at Samurai Store Inc. and very pleased with superior quality I've got. I thank Mr.Tosh for his hospitality and hearty welcome. The information he kindly shared with me was very useful. Hope to be your customer for a long time.

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