AYAME armor.

The Iris, AYAME Armor

  • Product#: L002
  • EAN /JAN 4580628070204
  • Category: Suit of Armor
  • Scale: Life-Size
  • Age: Brand New
  • Vendor: Samurai Store

This beautiful Yoroi, with its distinctive large horns, is modeled after the battlefield armor worn by warlords of Japan’s historic Sengoku Jidai (Warring States Period), from the 1400-1600’s. Featuring a Zunari (human head-shaped) kabuto, and noble Fuji (wisteria purple) colored lacings, this suit of armor truly makes a bold statement on, or on display.

A number of traditional Japanese family crests can be added to the chest cuirass and/or the storage box for free. You can choose your favorite samurai crest from our list.

100% Handcrafted Proudly In Japan

This suit’s body armor is constructed by hand, using multiple iron pieces, beautiful lacings and elaborately crafted chainmail.

This Yoroi armor comes with all parts and accessories listed in the charts below, and can be worn.

All Parts in One Packege

  • Helmet Bowl
  • Wooden Crescent Headerboard
  • Wooden Antlers
  • Face Mask
  • Body Cuirass
  • Shoulder Guards
  • Tasset
  • Shin Guards
  • Thigh Guard Apron
  • Decorative Belt
  • Cloth Belt Sword Holder
  • Also Comes With
  • Storage/Display Box Deluxe
  • Wooden Stand
  • Assembly Instructions (English)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free Photo Listing at samuraistore.com

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Reenactment of The Art.


H200cm, W80cm & D70cm (displayed)

H58cm, W66cm & D51cm (boxed)

Custom Sizing is available with fee


Appx. 22kgrams

*Suit of armor itself weights about 19kg, and the storage/display box is about 3kg.


All pieces are painstakingly handcrafted by experienced artisans at our armory. It may take 4-7 weeks to finish one armor.


Don't worry. It is so easy to assemble/wear the armor. English/Japanese instructions is included.

On-Visit Assembly Service

If you love to display your amror perfectly, our proffesional staffs will visit your place to set up the armor upon request. Please don't hesitate to request us the price estimate for on-visit service.

Box and Stand Included

Your armor will also come in a black lacquered wooden storage box that doubles as a beautiful Armor Stand for you to proudly display your armor, along with the wooden stand to have the armor stay sitting straight up on the box.

L002 Ayame Iris Armor
L002 Ayame Iris Armor

Custom Options

Since each armor is made per order, we are always happy to consider custom modifications to the standard armors we offer. You have the opportunity to choose your options from our extensive options list. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests, as we are here to take care of you.
Custom Sizing

Custom Sizing


Our armors are designed to fit average Japanese adults up to 175cm (5 3/4') tall, with up to 41" (105 cm) chests. If you need a larger size, we would be happy to offer you our custom sizing option to ensure the perfect fit. A sizing fee may be charged, depending on your measurements. It will take 1 to 2 additional weeks to complete a custom sized suit of armor. You need to fill your key measurements such as height, chest circumference, waist, head circumference to request a price quote for custom order.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme Change


We would be happy to provide you with the option of changing the color scheme of the lacquer finishes and/or braid lacings of your Yoroi. If we carry the color you want in our stock, the change is absolutely free.

FREE Lacing Colors You can choose:White/Yellow/Green/Orange/Purple/Blues/Dark Blue/Brown/Black/Red

Family Crest Adding

Family Crest Adding


A number of traditional Japanese family crests can be added to your armor's chest and/or the storage box for free. You can choose your favorite samurai crest from our list.

Custom Logo

Your Logo on the Armor

Request Price Quote

Any custom graphics including your company logo can also be crested on some places of the armor for a fee.

Samurai Spatial Design

ZEN Environment Design

Request Price Quote

We build a great environment to have your armor on display. We can arrange even the carpenters, live plants and everything needed to reenact your imagination.

Samurai Shooting Props

Garments & Shooting Props

Check Items

Don't forget to add your favorite accessories to grade-up your armor! No additional shipping for all accessories being purchased with the armor.

"100% handcrafted in Japan"

The Marutake Armory is Japan’s, and the world’s, premier producer of fine Samurai Yoroi Armor. Touch photos to know the Stories...
Armors for Kurosawa film

Japan’s Premier Armory.

All pieces are 100 handcrafted in Japan. Each suit of armor is modeled after examples found in museums, private collections, temples, shrines, hidden storehouses of Samurai clans and other historical sources. All pieces are painstakingly handcrafted by experienced artisans, using authentic methods and materials.
Hand Spliced iron helmet

Made of Iron

The helmet is comprised of hand-spliced iron plates as original one, each with its own specific proportions. When joined, they result in the perfectly formed kabuto.
Armor Artist

Authentic Materials

All of our body armors and helmets are made solely of iron or genuine leather. We use no plastic, whatsoever.
Open Imagination

The Craftsmanship

Also note the absence of any blueprints or patterns. Our skilled artisans store the precise designs, details and measurements in their heads and in the muscle memory of their hands, as it takes 5-10 years to become an accomplished craftsman in this team.
Samurai Armor Craftman

Fashioned by Hand.

Note how all of the iron pieces for both the body armor and helmets are being fashioned by hand. Our parts are never machine-pressed, as with other manufacturers.
Open Imagination

Face Mask

The appearance matters more than erudition...
Braid lacings

Braid Lacings

Also painstakingly hand-knitted at the armory.

L002 AYAME Iris Armor

Life Size
Brand New (Made-To-Order)
Completion Time: 5-8 weeks.
100% Handcrafted in JAPAN
English Assembly Instructions included.

US$ 4800
+ International Shipping.
Free Sales Tax for orders from all countries except JAPAN

We do ship this item worldwide via DHL Express.

Region SHIPPING Cost
Asia US$180
North America US$290
Europe US$290
Oceania US$290
Other Countries To be Estimated

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All orders must be prepaid. We accept Paypal, Bank-to-bank wire transfer, money order and chesks.

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Acceptable from all countries.

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We accept International Money Orders/Checks that can be negotiable in Japan.

Terms of Sale
Because of the handcrafted nature of the components of our armors, the fabrics and finishes may slightly differ from the ones shown.

L002 Armor by Samurai Store

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AYAME Iris Armor

US$ 4800 + International Shipping

Custom Options


Our armors are designed to fit average Japanese adults up to 6’ (185 cm) tall, with up to 41” (105 cm) chests. If you’ll be wearing your armor, and you want the perfect fit, please provide us with your rough measurements to make price estimate. Detail measurements will be checked after your order is approved.

If yes please fill the body measurements to estimate the sizing fee.
Chest Circumference:
Waist Circumference:
Neck to Fingertip:

Well-designed default color scheme is mostly recommended but you can change the color of lacquer painting and/or braid lacings.

*Examples: Change the braid lacings to all Black and change the lacquer painting to Dark Green.

Shipping Information

*Required for order.
Street Number, Street, City, County, Postal Code etc...

Billing Information

Billing Information
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Any inquiry and other custom request should be written here. Don't hesitate in asking anything.

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