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Antique Real Sword

  • Item#T515
  • TypeKatana sword
  • Inscription: Mouri Kunimoto
  • Age: 19th Century
  • Era: Showa
  • Vendor: Samurai Store

Modern Age Katana sword in ornate mountings

Very beautiful contemporary real sword handcrafted in 1977. Inscripiton of the sword smith and the completion time on the tangs.This is a work of 1977 and never used for any battles.


Blade Material Authentic Forged & Polished Steel Blade
Inscription Mouri Kunimoto ( 國元 ) on blade tang
Tempered Line Pattern Straight pattern
Blade Length 65.7cm
Curvature (Sori) 1.7cm
Rivet Holes 1 hole
Width 1.95cm at the Point
3.2cm at the upper Tang
Thickness 4.6mm at point
6.8mm at bottom

KOSHIRAE Ornate Mountings:

Tsuba Hand guard : Beautiful Openwork carving
Fuchi Pommel:  
Kashira Pommel at base:  
Saya scabbard:  Black lacquered finish 
Menuki Hilt Ornament: 
Kozuka Utility Knife:  none

Stand Not Included

*You can add beautiful wooden sword stand optionaly at the Order Form.

T515 Comtemporary Sword

  • Steel Blade
  • Saya lacquered scabbard
  • Tsuka handle
  • Habaki collar
  • Seppa spacers
  • Tsuba hand-guard
  • Fuchi/Kashira pommels
  • Menuki hilt ornaments
  • Mekugi pegs

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T515 Authentic Sword

Sharpened Katana Sword
Non Antiques (less than 100years old)
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T515 Sword by Samurai Store

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Katana sword

US$ 4800 + International Shipping



Wooden Display Sword
Use this stand to display your sword perfectly.


Katana Clearning Kit
To keep your sword as museum condition.

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