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ORDER FORM - Samurai Armor

Ordering Information

Please follow the step-by-step instructions, and completely fill out this secure order form. You only need to fill the product number, your name, shipping and billing information, and if you don't request custom options, those information will be sufficient to place your order. Once you filled all required fields, click the "Continue" button. On the next page please confirm the information is correct then click the "Submit Order Now" button to complete your order. You will receive an e-mail order confirmation along with Payment instructions when we have processed your order. You can't complete the payment at this form. Please wait for our confirmation that is supposed to be emailed within 24 hours from one of our representatives. The total cost including the international shipping charge and additional fee for the custom options and accessories will be appeared in the order confirmation.

Please be noted that you can also place an order directly on each product page being linked from the catalogue. Each page has the same order form at bottom of the description.

Samurai Armor Order Form

(Quote Number: If any.)

Product Information
(Examples: L030 or WA01, click to Catalogue )

IF NOT in catalogue, please contact us directly at: "info@samurai-store.com"

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Custom Sizing (optional)

Our armors are designed to fit average Japanese adults up to 6’ (185 cm) tall, with up to 41” (105 cm) chests.
If you'll be wearing your armor, and you want the perfect fit, please provide us with your measurements.
(Tips on custom sizing)

All measurements must be in inches or meters

Chest Circumference
Waist Circumference
Neck to Fingertip
Head Circumference
Body Measurements

Further more....
these 5 key measurements are almost sufficient to get a price quote however you could be requested to provide more detail measurements listed in this chart to begin your order. It would be great if you can provide us with those detail measurements now to rush your order in advance. You can list your detail measurements following the chart and please enter them in "Other Custom Request" field below.

Custom Colors (optional)
We would provide you with the option of changing the color scheme of the braid lacings and/or lacquer finishes of your Yoroi. If we carry the color you want in our stock, the change is absolutely free. Please specify the color scheme of your armor here. (Tips on Custom Colors)

Change the braid lacings to all Black
and change the lacquer painting to Dark Green.
Available Free Braid Color:
White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue, Dark Blue, Brown Black, Red.

Available Free Lacquer: Black, Red, Brown

SkipPlease skip if you don't need custom options

Other Custom Requests (optional)

Please list your key measurements here if you are following the detail chart.

Accessories (Optional) No Thanks
Don't forget to add your favorite accessories to grade-up your armor!

Garments to wear the armor

Gears for Dress-Up/Display

Other Accessories
You may check any other great accessories and please add the one you want in the Additional Items field below. Please specify the product# or title of the product.
List the product number(s) or title(s)
Also, we are happy to strive to provide you with all the gear we can. If your desired item isn't listed, please let us know.

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Billing Information

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Payment Method
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