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Made To Order Samurai Armor
MP02 Mempo facemask

You can select a favorite color for the braid lacings on neck from the list below.

Because of the handcrafted nature of the components of our products, the finishes may differ from the ones shown.

Kabuto Collection

Mempo Samurai Facemask (B)

by Marutake. 100% Handcrafted in Kagoshima, Japan.

Price:US$388.00 Plus International Shipping
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Completion Time: 1-2 weeks

It takes from 1-2 weeks to finish this product.

Product Description

The Ultimate Work Of Iron

This product is basically a part of suit of samurai armor that could be worn under a samurai helmet. But it could also work as a cool wall display, or as a Zen meditation item that will raise yout imagination. Made of iron with cotton braid lacings. We would be happy to provide you with the option of changing the color scheme of the lacquer finishes and/or braid lacings of your mask. If we carry the color you want in our stock, the change is absolutely free.
Braid Color Options
Available Braid color:White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue, Dark Blue, Brown Black, Red.

Available lacquer color: Black, Red and Brown


A Closer Look at the QualitySamurai Armor Artisan

We at Samurai Store International know that true Samurai fans could never be satisfied with the inferior, mass-produced armors that come out of many parts of the world. That is why we only offer authentic, life-sized, wearable Samurai armours and helmets that are 100% handcrafted in Japan by skilled craftsmen.

100% Handcrafted in Japan

by the world's preeminent Samurai Armor manufacturer. Each suit of armor is modeled after examples found in museums, private collections, temples, shrines, hidden storehouses of Samurai clans and other historical sources. All pieces are painstakingly handcrafted by experienced artisans, using authentic methods and materials. Principal parts of the armors and helmets are made of iron or genuine leather, never with plastic. The results of this commitment to quality are finely finished, superbly detailed suits of Samurai Armor that look just as incredible on as they do on display.
Location of Manufacturer

Japan's Premier Artisans

The manufacturer, Marutake (丸武) is Japan’s, and the world’s, premier producer of fine Samurai Yoroi Armor. Located in Satsuma-Sendai city of Japan’s southwestern Kagoshima prefecture, their reputation for creating products of unparalleled quality has given them over a 90% share of the Japanese armor market. From television dramas, such as “Yoshitsune,” to feature films, including Akira Kurosawa’s classics, “Kagemusha,” and “Ran,”. Marutake has shared the spirit of the Samurai with the world. Having produced thousands of suits of armor, their clientele extends from the entertainment industry to temples, museums, and even the Queen of England.

The Authorized International Distributor

We at Samurai Store International are proud to partner with Marutake to provide you with these superior suits of Samurai armor. As the only authorized international distributor of Marutake's products, we are happy to offer these quality pieces to you at the best prices.

Product Details

Mempo Samurai Facemask (B)

Product Number: MP02
Price: US$388
Product Condition: Brand New (Made-To-Order)
Product Location: Japan / Artisan: Marutake
Completion Time: 1-2 weeks
MP02 Facemask


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Product Information
Product#: MP02
Description: Mempo Samurai Facemask (B)
Price: US$388.00

Custom Colors (optional)
We would provide you with the option of changing the color scheme of the braid lacings and/or lacquer finishes of your Yoroi. If we carry the color you want in our stock, the change is absolutely free. Please specify the color scheme of your armor here.

Change the braid lacings to all Black
and change the lacquer painting to Dark Green.
Available Free Braid Color:
White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue, Dark Blue, Brown Black, Red.
Available Free Lacquer: Black, Red, Brown

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